About Peg


Peg spent most of her coming-of-age years huddled at stereo speakers reading album cover credits with her bohemian friends. “We followed bands as if it were a compulsory course.” For Peg, the music was more than recreation. As it turned out it would prove to be a lifelong avocation. She started piano lessons at age eight and later picked up guitar under the influence of such artists as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Paul Simon.


She wrote her first song in 1977 to a friend’s poem and immediately picked up the songwriting bug. By the mid-eighties, Peg had won awards from Nashville City Song Festival, Smithsonian Folkways, and Billboard Magazine. After a brief phase of Philadelphia coffeehouse appearances, Peg turned her focus to writing, recording “kitchen table demos” and submitting to various labels. In the late eighties, one such effort resulted in an offer from Rounder Records to record a full-length LP on their then subsidiary label but financial constraints prevented her from capitalizing on that opportunity. “Sure, I was disappointed but, the mere offer from a prestigious label like Rounder Records was …. really encouraging !”  Continuing her campaign of submissions two of Peg’s songs were picked up by NYC-based Fast Folk Music. They released her song Empty Room on vinyl in an anthology of other emerging singer-songwriters.

Decades rolled by. Tunes piled up with no notable activity. Then in 2021 interesting things started to happen.