Words and Music

Ships in the Night produced by Peter Erskine

William Edward

I had such a thing for William Edward
He was tall and tanned
I was 16
He did the best jack-knife with a twist
My eyes had ever seen

He traveled in a breeze of cigarettes and lotion
I must have been in love
I didn’t go to the pool to swim
I loved to watch the water bead up
And roll off his skin.

photo by Chocolate Waters


I feel the fire and the fusion when I drive this fast
When I’m here in side I want this ride to last
Who could ask for more than a Series Four
With lock-up overdrive for kicks
I got a fundamental devotion to my XJ6

photo by Lynn Keller

The Flood

We are waiting for the river to crest
We’re tired and angry from the strain
Lord, if you’re taking requests
Why don’t you stop the rain

We are waiting for the river to crest
What I’d give to see the ground
No one is gonna get any rest
Until the water goes down

photo by Lynn Keller

Hula High

I suppose you sit at sunset
With your hula high tied on
Palm fronds scratching scarlet skies
Against the sinking sun.
Your frigid friend is waking to a frosty dawn
Wildlife’s gone underground the songbirds have up and gone

Heaven's Daughter produced by Jeff Pevar

Keep your eyes on the water
See how the diamond lights glide.
They're the eyes of Heaven's Daughter
Peepng through the tide

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